Reclaim Your True Nature.
Come Home to You.

That’s the point, really, isn’t it?

Why we engage with the mystery of all things.

Why we reach for Reiki or meditation or chanting or yoga or spirit writing or soul-painting or channeling or prayer or any spiritual practice.

We are trying to find our way inward to our truth.

To what we already are.

To the light of being, the connection with the mysterious Everything we are part of, and the way it plays out in our very human lives.

We want to feel that pulse. The pulse of aliveness, of being part of something bigger than ourselves, and we want to feel it as steady, vibrant, clear, open.

We want to know to our core that we are loved, we are safe, we are blessed, and we are free.

That we are love, we are safety, we are the blessing, and we spark freedom wherever we walk.

Primal needs.

Not always easy to stay with, stay in.

So we engage. We practice. In so many ways.

And often, we find the practice itself to feed our souls just in the showing up.

I know I find it truly delicious. And fascinating.

To engage and explore. To practice. To connect.

To go within, and by going within, go outward to it all.


And in company, hand in hand.

That engagement, that exploration of the nature of being and the embodiment of it in the clearest way I can find, has been my devotion.

My passion.

My curiosity-spark and the thing that drives me.

My personal through-line.

And I love to share it.


If you want company on the spiritual journey.

If you want support.

If you want to feel loved, seen, and honored as you are.

If you desire a catalyst to bring you closer to your own inner truth-claiming.

And if you want to deepen into your own practices in a way that is you-directed, flowing through your way.

It’s my pleasure, always, to be part of that. My deep pleasure and honor.

To be a spacious part of that, where it is never actually about me.

You are in charge of your well-being.

Not that it’s ever anyone else in the driver’s seat of your life or your spiritual way anyway!

But working with or walking with me, that is intentional on my part.

You know you. You are in charge.

And still, walking in company can be inspiring, opening, truth-lasering, and joyful.

With the right company, the growth and discovery, the healing and the embodiment, are amplified.


Wherever you are on your life or spiritual journey, if any of this resonates with you, go ahead!

Connect with me however you feel pulled:

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Meander through my blog posts and see what strikes you, uplifts you, inspires you, challenges you.

Claim what you want, what you need.

With love,

Welcome to the Reiki Pulse community!

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