It’s Lovely To Meet You

The Reiki Pulse Mission

My life-work mission is to embody the Great Bright Light and hold expansive space to help all beings reclaim their True Nature.

It is to inspire spiritual play and practice for those who are ripe, ready, and willing to own acceptance, aliveness, and lusciously layered truth.

It is to Be Love.

If these words make you sing or call to you or anything on this website sparks something in you – I look forward to hearing from you and being of service to you and your beautiful light. My mission statement is a promise to me and to you.

Alice’s Reiki Story

Reiki treatment and practice have transformed my life. When I share Reiki treatments or teach Reiki and meditation, I relate to and connect with you from my own experience of ongoing transformation.

After initial experiences receiving Reiki support in the 1990s, I devoted myself to learning to practice the Usui System of Reiki. I am dedicated to daily Reiki self-care and meditation practices.

Alice’s Training

I am indebted to my many wonderful Reiki teachers at different levels and times.

These include Pamela Miles, a pioneer in Reiki in medicine and international leader in the Reiki community, as well as author of “Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide”.

Under Pamela’s mentorship in her professional Reiki hospital internship program at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, I shared Reiki treatments with approximately 200 patients with a wide range of conditions, ages, and ethnicities, most of whom had never heard of Reiki prior to my entering their hospital rooms. Pamela is a continuing influence on my professional practice. To learn more about my invaluable internship experience, see my guest blog on Pamela’s site, which is excerpted below.


“Patients who were awake at the end of their sessions often made comments such as: ‘So relaxed, wow.’ ‘Pain is way less.’ ‘Peaceful.’ ‘I don’t have any stress at all anymore.’ ‘No more nausea.’ ‘Dizziness better.’ ‘Headache gone.’ ‘Like meditation.’ ‘Now it’s like it’ll all come out right in the end.’ ‘Great that it kept me still for such a long time.’ ‘Finally fell asleep!'”

~ Excerpt from Alice’s guest blog on Pamela Miles’ Reiki in Medicine Blog


My current ongoing teacher and mentor is Frans Stiene, co-author of the acclaimed “The Reiki Sourcebook” and “The Japanese Art of Reiki” and co-founder of the globally respected International House of Reiki.

I am also proud to be a Registered Practitioner/Teacher member of the Shibumi International Reiki Association, reflecting my emphasis on the traditional Japanese roots of the system in founder Mikao Usui’s time.

Alice’s Personal Story

I have been moved and learned from so many highly personal stories of healing and spiritual development through the system of Reiki. This is mine.

My Healthy Skepticism

At a time when I was at a physical and emotional low, a friend offered me something called “Reiki”. I didn’t know anything about Reiki or energy practices, but even with all my skepticism, I was not about to say no to some loving attention.

During this hour with my friend, as she gently laid her hands on my head and clothed body, I was surprised to “feel” things happening — waves of movement pulsated and flowed through and around me, and at one point, I thought my friend’s hands were on my upper chest only to open my eyes and see her standing near my knees!

Different Every Time

I had no experience with this sort of sensation, but she calmly, sweetly, and matter-of-factly told me that it was normal and fine. She explained that each person experiences Reiki treatment in her own way, unique every time based on what we need in the moment; sometimes it is very subtle and other times more obvious.

What counted most was how wellness started to gradually trickle into my everyday life.

After that first session, I felt a little more…okay. I found myself making better choices and, just as important, able to follow through. Physical symptoms from a severe hormonal imbalance I had been coping with since I was a preteen dramatically lessened or disappeared. And I found strength to more fully face a deep lifetime depression and open up enough to seek — and start accepting — the support I needed.

Life is Vibrant and Free-flowing

Over the next few years, with more Reiki sessions, my life and health transformed almost past recognition. I was fully living, wholly in my body and spirit and life, for what felt like the first time.

I still had the ups and downs of normal living, but I was able to weather those ups and downs in a healthier way. I could grow and heal despite the challenges I faced.

From a place of astonishing wellness given where I had started, it finally occurred to me to ask my friend, “So, how are you able to do this? Were you born with some special gift or something?” And she said, “Anyone can do it. I can teach you.”

Anyone Can Practice Reiki, Even Me

My skepticism and doubt reared up in full force again, especially at the idea that I could “heal” anyone, myself or others. But the idea of supporting myself and others the way that I was so profoundly supported was…empowering. Intriguing. Irresistible.

Growing Wellness and Understanding Every Day

From the first day I started learning Reiki, I practiced every day, sometimes several times a day, on myself. And my sense of wellness grew even more, along with the beginnings of an inner understanding of what Reiki is. I started to see that the true teaching is in the experience of the practice, day after day.

I began to share Reiki with family and friends. Then I learned the next level of Reiki, adding to my growing “toolkit”. Later that year, I met my wonderful husband, and the blessings in my life continued to grow as I continued to practice. I still thought this Reiki thing was crazy and wondered if it was real, even then! But I kept practicing.

I started to “come out of the Reiki closet” more, more boldly telling family and friends and perfect strangers alike what a gift this practice is. I found myself drawn to new Reiki teachers, deepening my personal practice with a new emphasis on Reiki as a spiritual journey, and sharing Reiki with more friends, family, and clients than ever before. I also took the first steps toward becoming a Reiki teacher.

Trust in the Practice and the Process

Ultimately, I left my successful corporate editing job to allow my personal and professional Reiki practice to move front and center in my life. This leap has made me more “myself” than I ever knew I could be — or wanted to be when I was at my lowest. I look forward to each day and the opportunity to continue to share what has been so deeply supportive for me with others.

My doubt seems to have slipped away on its own, replaced by a natural conviction and confidence in Reiki practice from seeing healing unfold in so many ways in front of me — and within me.

My professional and personal experience comes together with each client and student. I support you in your own transformation, drawing on this profound healing and spiritual tradition that brings such well-being and beauty to my own life.

Welcome to the Reiki Pulse community!

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